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How to Donate

CANTER relies on contributions to cover the expenses involved in our day-to-day operations. These expenses include facilities maintenance, equipment upkeep and replacement, and horse care and related expenses. You can make a general donation or you may choose to direct your funds to a specific purpose.

Donation Categories
  • CANTER Benefactor - $2,000
  • CANTER Friend - Under $2,000
  • Sponsor-a-Horse - $500/quarter
  • Student Sponsor - $360/school year
  • Student Sponsor - $150/summer
  • Indoor Arena Sponsor - $100+
COWBOY UP FOR CANTER is an annual fundraising drive held near the end of the year. We ask donors to contribute $1000 which goes into the general fund for any needed expenses. This donation can be made in a lump sum or monthly/quarterly payments may be made throughout the year. Of course, any donation amounts are welcomed at any time. Donations are what keep our programs going.

AZ Tax Credit Donation
CANTER is listed as a Qualifying Charitable Organization. Therefore, your Donation to CANTER qualifies as an Arizona Tax Credit.

AZ Tax Credit Form

Making a donation to CANTER just got easier! Now you can submit a donation electronically. Just click the "Donate" button below.

Or, if you prefer, checks can be made payable to CANTER and mailed to:
P.O Box 1316
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635